Painting 2

U3A painting 2How many people say, “I would love to be able to paint” and on retirement decide then to pursue the dream. Well within the U3A groups is the ever popular Thursday Group who aim to do just that. Sharp at 9.30 am every Thursday everyone meets armed with bags of enthusiasm to put ideas into action and complete with paints, paper, brushes and other equipment to embark on a morning venturing into the world of inspiration and exasperation! There is always someone there to help with encouragement and friendly critique and plenty of laughter.

The group also arranges for professional artists to visit for either demonstration or workshop mornings during the term. This enables the group members to experiment with different ideas and mediums all adding to their skills and abilities and giving them
confidence. With the friendly social atmosphere in the hall the morning soon whizzes by. Perhaps we go home with a new masterpiece, perhaps not!! But it is for sure that we will all be back next week ready to prove “we can paint”.

For further information please contact the Groups Co-ordinator.