Music Appreciation 1

U3A Music1The purpose of the group is to listen together to classical music introduced and discussed in an interesting and informed way.

Participation by group members in presenting programmes and suggesting themes and particular works for future programmes is warmly encouraged. However no member is required to speak and knowledge of the technology of music is not a prerequisite for membership.

The Group meets on the first Friday of each month, except January, between 2.15 and 4.15 pm. The programme for 2019 is as follows;

01 February​​ Vivaldi​​​ Jennifer Ayland

01 March ​​Georgian Music​ Ray Sanger

05 April *​​Mozart in Pieces​ John Allford

03 May​​ Classical Recorder​ Dickon Povey

07 June​​ Myth and Legend​ Angela Wilson

05 July​​​ Modern Interpretations Brian Jennings

02 August​​ Saint-Säens​​ Ray Sanger

06 September​​ Opera Classics​​ Celia Dowell

04 October ​​The Voice​​ Bette Riddle

01 November​​ The Golden Age​ Ray Sanger​
(starting at 13.30)
06 December *​Music for Christmas​ Pam Secker

The November presentation will be a screened DVD of a production by the Bolshoi Ballet of The Golden Age by Shostakovich

If you are interested in joining us please contact the Groups Co-ordinator.