Computing – Intermediate


Thursdays Intermediate class lead by Joyce...

Thursdays Intermediate class lead by Joyce…

Thursdays group  This group caters for those who have used a computer but want to have greater confidence to use their computers in more varied ways.  Working at your own pace you learn all about how your PC works and what it can do for you.  You decide what you will learn.

There are no exams or set syllabus, we cover topics and questions that are most relevant and useful to older computer users. The content is always tailored to meet your needs and interests!  If you still think your computer is in charge, this is your chance to prove that YOU rule the computer, not vice versa.

I’ve learned a lot as I started from scratch and met other folk in the same boat – we are fortunate to have a very patient tutor in Joyce. Pauline


I have learned a lot from the lessons and look forward to Thursday mornings.  The worksheets we are given to guide us through an exercise are challenging.  The presentation of things like Skype, Google Maps, Dropbox and Ebay etc. are very valuable. Dennis


This is my take , I have learned that even at 74 you can still learn ,although not perfect, I feel I’m getting there, spreadsheets are no longer the mystery they used to be, I’m  also making new friends. George

For further information please contact the Groups Co-ordinator.