U3A Groups

Here you can find the full listing of all the groups that make up West Wilts U3A and some information about them. Many of the groups work on a monthly timetable, and the week column of the listing details which week of the month they meet. To see a list of groups ordered by the day of the week that their meetings are held click here.  If you are not a member of West Wilts U3A you may attend two sessions at a cost of £2 per session.  After that you will need to join West Wilts U3A. If you would like to join any of these groups, find out more or even propose a new group, then please contact the groups co-ordinator.  (Click on the group name for more information)


alphabetical group list
Group Day Time Week
Antiques and collectables Wednesday 14:00 4th
Archaeology Wednesday 14:30 2nd
Architecture Monday 14:15  4th
Bird watching Thursday TBA 3rd
Bookworms Tuesday 14:00 4th
Boules Thursday 11:00 2nd/4th
Bridge Monday 13:45 Weekly
Calligraphy No Set Day
Canasta Monday 14:00 1st/3rd
Chess and Cribbage Monday 17:00 1st to 4th
Computer club Tuesday 09:00 1st/3rd
Computer group – mac Tuesday 09:30 2nd/4th
Computing – basic No Set Day
Computing – beginners plus Wednesday 14:30 weekly
Computing – intermediate Thursday 09:30 Weekly
Computing – iPad/iPod/iPhone Wednesday 09:30 2nd/4th
Craft 2 Tuesday 14:00 4th
Craft 4 Tuesday 13:30 2nd
Cryptic crosswords Thursday 10:00 2nd/4th
Current Affairs Tuesday 14:00 3rd
Day trips no Set Day
Explorers Sunday 10:00 1st In Summer months only
Flexercise Monday 13:45 weekly
French Conversation Monday 10:30 2nd/4th
French 2 Wednesday 10:30 Weekly
Gardening Wednesday 10:30 1st
Genealogy Friday 10:00 3rd
German Basic Thursday  14:00 weekly
German Thursday 14:00 2nd/4th
History Tuesday 14:15 1st
Italian Wednesday 10:00 2nd/4th
Knit and Natter Thursday 14:30 1st/4th
Line Dancing Friday 13:15 Weekly
Local history Monday 10:30 2nd
Machine Sewing Wednesday 09:30 2nd
Mah-jong Tuesday 14:00 4th
Music appreciation 1 Friday 14:15 1st
Music appreciation 2 Thursday 14:15 3rd
Music appreciation 3 Friday 14:15 4th
Painting 1 Friday 09:30 Weekly
Painting 2 – Thursday Painters Thursday 09:30 Weekly
Painting 3 Tuesday 09:30 Weekly
Philosophy Discussion Tuesday 14:30  2nd/4th
Poetry Tuesday 14:00 3rd
Quiz Tuesday 14:00 3rd
Reading group Friday 14:00 2nd
Relaxation Monday 14:00 1st/3rd
Rummikub Friday 10:30 weekly
Science and engineering Tuesday 14:30 2nd
Scrabble Monday 13:30 2nd/4th
Short distance walking Friday/Sunday 10:00 Weekly
Short story writing Wednesday 14:30 4th
Singing for pleasure  Wed 14:00 2nd/4th
Soup and pudding 1 Friday 12:30 2nd
Soup and pudding 2 Friday 12:30  Last Friday of month
Spanish Monday 14:00 Weekly
Spanish intermediate Thursday 14:00 Weekly
Stage and screen Monday 14:15 2nd
Strollers Monday 10:00 Weekly
Table tennis Tuesday 12:00 Weekly
Tai chi Tuesday 09:30 Weekly
Theatre No Set Day
Walking group Tuesday
2nd Tues
Last Thurs in month
Wine appreciation Varies 15:00
Zumba Gold Monday 15:00 Weekly