Monthly Meeting

The speaker at our next monthly meeting will be Jim Holmes.

Jim is a photo journalist who has covered major events around the world.

The title of his talk is “‘Humanitarian Vision’

Exploring the extraordinary work done around the world by agencies and charities that specialise in humanitarian emergency interventions and long-term development projects. This presentation includes images from Afghanistan, Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia and Burma shot on assignment for Oxfam, Save the Children the United Nations and many other organisations.

This will be on Zoom starting at 2pm.

For joining instructions please see Newsemail dated 10 April 2021 or contact Chairman.

Annual General Meeting

As already notified in the Quarterly Magazine, we will hold our 2021 AGM electronically on ZOOM on Wednesday 17th March at 2pm.

There is an addition to the published agenda, this is an amendment to the constitution to allow members to participate in meetings by Zoom whenever their physical presence is not possible. This will be handled under Any Other Business.

For all rlvant documentation and further info contact the Chairman.