Science and Engineering Future Talks

14 December:  Instrument Landing Systems – Dickon Povey

11 January: Introducing the 5G network  – Glyn Evans

08 February – The Victorian Mechanical Computer

08 March – Jet Boat Propulsion Systems

12 April – The Photon! – Bob Gilbert

10 may –  Is Hydrogen the Fuel of the Future? – David Feather

14 June – The Land line RIP 2025 – Alan Cooper

12 July – Electric Cars – Ray Fox

Science and Engineering Group

09 November – “Hydraulic Valve Manufacture”      – Magnus Cooper (external speaker)

A Devonshire engineering company of 35 employees uses £1m of advanced technology to serve its markets, and even to lead the world in some product categories. Magnus Cooper, their Chief Designer, will look at the skills and processes that make it possible. He will bring some products to illustrate the talk.

The company designs and makes 95% of its products and these are used in large vehicles and yachts, unmanned submarines and commercial fishing boats. Their factory is capable of running itself overnight with the “lights out”!

Meetings are held at the Progressive Hall North Bradley, starting at 2:30 pm

Quiz Group

The next meeting will be Tuesday 15 March and monthly thereafter on the 3rd.Tuesday of the month.

Change of Venue: GUIDE HUT in Trowbridge Park. Meet 1.30 to 3.30pm. There will be a charge per person of £1.50 to cover the cost of the venue.

The Quiz is set by the members – so a different one each month.

Please let Jean Stanford (details are in your newsletter) know if you can make it or just turn up.

Parking: Either the Cinema or M&S – 3hours free or Multi storey in Castle Place. unless you park on the top floors.

French 2


Over the past year our numbers have dropped from 8 to 4. Normally we are a house group meeting weekly on Wednesday mornings.

We would like 2,even 3 more members. We try to speak French most of the time. We each usually give a short presentation of what we’ve done, seen or read in the preceding week, usually followed by questions and answers. Plus we discuss topical issues. We use French magazine – Bien Dire and Bien Dire Initial. It has many interesting articles, some of which we can listen to by CD. We also use an outdated French Experience 2 for grammar etc. We learn from each other – not a teacher, therefore the group is always open to suggestions for things to do.

So if you have some French and would like to join us, please contact Jean Stanford via the Group Coordinator.