Special Announcement

Hello everybody,

As you might imagine we are working behind the scenes to keep much of our U3A ticking over during the present crisis. One service that we can offer immediately is our WhatsApp U3ACHAT line, sign up for this and you can get up to the minute advice, assistance and even several friendly ears just to listen!

As the membership base progresses and hopefully with due haste, we plan to introduce onto the service items such as broadcast events for many of our existing groups. This will lend itself well to things such as quizzes and current affairs topics, science programs and much more. All of these programs will be interactive, either by text or voice. Video inserts will also be used, as well as powerpoint and other presentations!

You can receive WhatsApp on your pc or MacBook but in eithercase you will need and existing copy of the app on your smartphone. Without this the program will not run.

To join this service see your Newsemail dated 22 March or contact deputychair@westwiltsu3a.org.uk

Another way of getting on this service is to send your name and your mobile telephone number in a reply to this email.

At the current time, this service can only take up to 250 members, so don’t delay.

We will be launching a Skype service for voice communication in the coming days.

All the very best

Deputy Chair West Wilts U3A


Trips Cancelled


In line with the government directive, it has been decided that the following trips will be cancelled

22 April to Batsford. Cheques have not been presented for payment
and will be destroyed

12 May to Reading/Basildon Park.

All future trips will be reviewed as and when the situation changes.

On behalf of the Trips Committee –
Diane, Gill, Pauline and myself. I would like to thank you for your continued

AGM Cancelled



Having just listened to the latest government briefing about the covid-19 virus, and due to the age distribution of our membership, it has been decided to postpone the AGM planned for Wednesday 18 March.

Although most members will have access to this email, a significant number do not. Those who receive this email are therefor asked to spread this message to those who may not receive it.

For those who had planned to renew their membership at the door before the meeting members of the committee will be available at the door between 01:30 to 02:30 pm.  to explain the situation to anyone who does not receive this message and to accept membership renewals as appropriate

Otherwise members are requested to renew either by bank transfer or cheque. Bank account details are available on the membership renewal form.

The AGM will be rescheduled once the present crisis is resolved and official information allows. Meanwhile, the existing committee members will remain in office.

As for individual groups, some venues have already been closed and others will probably follow. The decision whether or not to hold meetings will be a matter for the groups to decide. However, all group leaders are asked to keep both the Treasurer and Groups’ coordinator informed so that we do not incur expenses for halls that are not used.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Stay healthy !

Glyn Evans